Normal Delivery to C-Section

My life came to a standstill on June 17, 2019. I went to see diabetic specialist and Boom, he said we should do the induce Labour without any more delay. I directly went to see my OBGYN to confirm if it was correct. While I was waiting in the room, my OBGYN assistance entered into the room and said, they gonna do induce labour on 19 June, mean time she was checking my BP, it got literally spiked upto 164 😮 . At night, I was having lot of panic attacks.. like - Will I be able to bear the pain or not? as we planned not to take epidural. How will everything happened? Very emotional phase of my life. On 18June, I informed my team and completed all my work as my last working day. Later, I took a long tub bath and tried to relax. On 19 Jun, I was still trying to be relax as much as I can. Went to swimming pool, talking to my mother, completing all my remaining work, packed bag for hospital. At evening around 7, we reached to the hospital and they started the induce proces